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Ask a good chef what his secret is, and you’ll quickly learn that a key component to making “good” food is in its presentation. Sometimes, all you need to do is clean up the plate, arrange the food in a visually pleasing manner, and voila, your audience will love the meal even if they previously felt it was just “ok”.

The same can be said for initial attraction of human beings. There are tips and tricks you can employ to make yourself appear more attractive. This isn’t a new or novel idea, yet so often we see people hang their head low and defeated when they feel a certain somebody doesn’t even know they exist.

Check out these secret tips to making yourself more attractive. They’re way easier to use than you might think!

1. Wear the color Red

Wearing the color red evokes subconscious feelings of passion, sexuality, and attraction in members of the opposite sex

woman in red dress

photo credit: flickr, Kleemo, cc

Oh the power that colors can have. Your office graphic designer or marketing manager knows this philosophy all too well. Colors influence us on both a conscious and subconscious level. Blue is often used to deliver a calming sense of trust. You see financial firms and those in the technology field using it all the time. Orange is meant to convey friendliness and fun. Think about Nickelodeon’s logo.

And then there’s red.

The color of sexuality, sensuality, passion, and virility. I mean the very holiday of love, Valentine’s day, cannot be thought about without different shades of red popping into your mind. Why do you think Mouse in the Matrix coded his special girl as “the woman in red” that caused Neo’s neck to crane backwards for a second look?

Consider for a moment a study done by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta, two psychologists from the University of Rochester. They took a group of men and showed them two juxtaposed pictures of the exact same girl in the exact same clothing and position, but one had red on and the other had blue. The men were then asked a question: if you had $100 and went out with this girl, how much would you spend on the date?

Under ALL conditions, the women in red were always seen as more attractive and thus earned a higher amount of money that the men were willing to spend on them.

2. Get a lot of sleep

People who are sleep-deprived appear sadder and less attractive than those who are fully rested.

tired woman

photo credit: flickr, nicola.albertini, cc

People say it daily: make sure to get your beauty sleep. Contrary to what you may have thought, “beauty sleep” is as real as you and me.

According to a study published in the journal Sleep, people who were sleep-deprived showed sadder and less attractive physical features than those who were fully rested. Effects such as swollen eyelids, bags or circles under eyes, red eyes, and wrinkles all become more evident in those who failed to get enough sleep.

Swedish and Dutch researchers took this experiment a step further. They took a panel and showed them multiple sets of two photos. In each set, one photo was of someone who had a good night’s rest, and the other was of someone who was sleep deprived. When rated on attractiveness, the photo of the person with a good night’s rest were rated more attractive by the sampling.

3. Smile, and smile often!

When you smile, you appear more friendly and approachable, increasing your chances of that first interaction

woman smiling

photo credit: flickr, Tom Lin, cc

If you’ve ever had a job interacting with customers or guests, you’ll know this theory all too well. Your employer was probably unrelenting on asking (read: telling) you to smile. But do you know why? Because smiling makes us appear friendly and approachable. Smiling makes us appear as if we want to talk. It’s a physical declaration that says “I see you, and I want you to know that I have no problem with you.”

In 2010, a study found that women who entered a bar while smiling were more likely to be approached by men than those who did not smile.

If you want to be more approachable and more attractive, then smile!

4. Hang out with a diverse group of friends

When you hang out in a diverse group, your best features are accentuated to onlookers

group of friends

photo credit: flickr, Paris Neto, cc

A study published in Psychological Science found that people are rated more attractive when they’re presented in a diverse group than when they’re presented alone.

Sounds odd, huh, but here’s why: when people have contrasting features, those features stand out. So your great features will “pop” when they can be contrasted to another’s features. Even if you have some less-than-great features, you and your group of friends will average each other out when seen together. Just be sure to practice tip #3 above, so as to appear approachable, as groups (especially large ones) can come off as intimidating.

Put these things into practice and start your soulmate search today!

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