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Have you ever wondered how your great grandma became such a fox? These dating tips from the 1930s just might shed a little light on that question.

Ok, maybe not… these “tips” highlight just how sexist society was back in the day. But now that we’re able to look back, it’s good to just laugh at what once was.

This one still holds true today, albeit it’s worded a bit oddly. The point, though, is don’t flirt with other men in front of your date!

flirting with the headwaiter


Don’t talk about clothes, instead try to please and flatter your date by talking about his interests… yeah this one doesn’t fly anymore.

don't talk about clothes


Don’t tease and be punctual! But dare we say that this also holds true for men.

be punctual


I guess we can thank 1938 for why ladies run off to the restroom so often…

Do your makeup in privacy


While many may disagree with this one, it’s still a very common notion in society today. It’s just been lumped together under “femininity”.

don't sit awkwardly


Apparently men of the 1930′s took their dancing really seriously…

don't talk while dancing


Our 21st century male seems to disagree.


Isn’t this just a common courtesy?

Don't tug on your brassier


Good thing cars come standard with visor mirrors now.

Don't use the car mirror


Eh, this one might depend on the guy.

don't show affection in public


In public places, perhaps not.

don't be sentimental


Now here’s a clear difference between 1938 and 21st century men. So many of today’s men hope their dates drink too much.

don't drink too much


Images from retronaut.

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