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There are numerous factions in our society, all with very passionate supporters. Think about it: Democrats vs. Republicans, The Atheists vs. The Religious, Vegetarians vs. Carnivores, and the list goes on.

But of all these people-groups, perhaps none are as passionate and divided as cat-lovers vs. dog-lovers.

Here’s a breakdown for all you cat people out there. If you can relate to any of these, make sure your current or future soulmate likes cats too.

If your living room looks anything like this…

House full of cats and cat condos

photo credit:


If any of your past, present, or foreseeable future Christmas cards featured your cat in a Santa hat

Cat Christmas Card

photo credit: flickr, Viola's visions ◕‿◕❤, cc


Your cat has his own personal chariot

Cat in a stroller

photo credit: Rebecca on the Run


If you own a cat leash

cat on a leash

photo credit: flickr, KNOBBYKNEEz, cc


If you have hand-crafted, appropriately-sized cardboard love seats for you cats

cat in love seat

photo credit: flickr, oskay, cc


If when you hear the word “condo” or “mansion”, you think of this

cat condo

photo credit: Cat Tree Factory


If this face of death doesn’t terrify you

scary cat

photo credit: flickr, wolfgangfoto, cc


But if you can relate to any of these tell-tale signs, fear not.

Just show your significant other this following video, and smile as he or she converts to correct side of this argument:

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